VoxPop: Shahrizat's feeble, desperate 'jihad'

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But she should have realised that her action is the last thing a Muslim should do. She does not understand the concept of jihad, otherwise she would never dare say something like this.'
On Shahrizat declares 'jihad' against PKR leader

Hypocrite-Watcher: Have we heard well? Is this report correct - Shahrizat declares jihad against Anwar Ibrahim? This is playing with religion in a serious way. Islam is being truly corrupted by Umno people.

Does an ultra-liberal minister, whose personal lifestyle we should not expose here, have any idea what she is saying? I guess not. I guess she has never read any serious Islamic material.

For if she had, she would have realised that her action is the last thing a Muslim should do. I bet Shahrizat does not even understand the concept of jihad, otherwise she would never dare say something like this.

Is it that she cannot admit her humiliating defeat to a political novice in her ‘own' constituency, and now she is jumping on a jihad bandwagon against her victor's father?

My advice to Shahrizat - keep quiet, otherwise your family lifestyle may come into the open. Then we shall know the true hypocrite.

Elsie Goh Siew Khim: I am not surprised to learn that Shahrizat declared jihad or ‘holy war' to prevent Anwar Ibrahim from returning to parliament.

What really surprised me was the openness that the BN-Umno regime uses to go for an all-out, at-all-costs effort to keep Anwar from parliament. This openness is clearly an act of desperation shown by the leaders of the BN-Umno regime.

This is what I think the jihad strategy that the desperate BN-Umno regime is:

1. Use the sodomy scandal against Anwar from the various levels of the police, AG, PP and the court.

2. Employ high-powered vote rigging and million-ringgit bribes and money politics at Permatang Pauh.

3. If, despite the high-power vote rigging and bribes, Anwar still wins, then every effort will be thrown in to find him guilty of the sodomy charge.

He will be jailed for a long time, maybe a maximum sentence of 20 years, and his political career will be destroyed.

This is the jihad of the BN-Umno regime. We are dealing with perverted, desperate human beings with criminal minds.

Malaysian-Thru-And-Thru: Shahrizat must have been eating and merry-making so much that she could not see what was happening in her backyard.

From the time of Mahathir until the time of Abdullah, the currency exchange rate has plummeted from its glorious RM3.90 to the British pound to a painful RM6.90 to the pound. The same can be said for the Singapore dollar-RM currency exchange rates.

The country has witnessed the quality of the country's education system go from bad to worse to the point where thousands of university graduates languish in morbid unemployment.

Big time investors that used to do the mills at one time in this country have all moved out due to a loss of confidence in the competency of the present government. Chunks of EPF savings have been invested (at a loss) in useless investment portfolios.

Roads that had never seen tolls in the 80s now have toll booths springing up everywhere and have toll rates rising every year (for illogical reasons).

It used to be safe in the 80s to walk the distance to your neighbour's house (a couple of blocks down) without being hit by snatch thieves. Now, it's virtually impossible to do so, even in broad daylight in a busy street.

The only people who I see sitting up on their thrones, busily milking the citizens of this country dry, are people like Shahrizat and BN cronies who have the police at their disposal for their whims and fancies with not a care in the world for what happens to the ordinary citizens.

So Shahrizat, take my two cents worth of advice and go fly your golden kites in some posh area like Langkawi and let someone like Anwar take the government reins of this country.

I would rather take the risk of hoping for a new dawn in Malaysia than stay and rot with this present corrupted BN government.

G-man: I suppose Madam Shahrizat is still in denial that she suffered a crushing defeat to a political novice in the recent general elections. And to think that some newspapers still find her statements and remarks worthy to be printed.

She is a political has-been whose attempt at a comeback would prove nothing but futile. I doubt even the autocratic ways of how the Wanita Umno is run would be able to save this poor excuse for a politician who speaks before thinking.

Her latest statement on jihad against the PKR leader is at best a feeble attempt to pander to the masters in Umno.
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  1. 'Jihad' menentang Anwar Ibrahim? Biar betul Datuk. Jihad bukan perkara main2 Datuk. Nak jihad melawan orang Islam mana boleh. Relax la Datuk, jangan emosional sangat, kita dalam negara demokrasi ni, harap Datuk bukan mengingau.

    Dalam demokrasi kita memang dibenarkan bertanding secara sihat, adil dan telus. Siapa terbaik akan menang, Datuk kena faham konsep demokrasi. Kita bukan nak guna pedang dan machine gun Datuk.

    Jangan la Datuk gunakan Islam untuk kepentingan politik, tapi gunakanlah politik untuk kepentingan Islam.

    Apa pun saya anggap Datuk bergurau saja, maklumlah dah tak ada bahan nak jadi modal kempen.

  2. Perkataan JIHAD ni di gunakan oleh Mat Ejam dan Saipol juga,dalam menentang Anwar.Jadi nampaknya istilah jihad yg suci dlm Islam,sudah disalahgunakan oleh Umno utk menghapuskan musuh mereka.Saipol berjihad dgn gunakan senjata sodomi nya,Mat Ejam menggunakan ugutan pendedahannya,dan sekarang Ijat pula menguna 'wanitanya'.

    Suruhlah para wanita Umno menutup aurat dulu,sebelum berjihad.

  3. Jihad itu perjuangan yang mulia yang dituntut kepada setiap orang yang beragama islam.
    1. Berjuang untuk agama.
    2. Berjuang menuntut ilmu
    3. Berjuang dalam peperangan/agama.
    Tiada istilah jihad untuk menetang individu semata-mata kerana politik.
    Kenapa nak tentang,sokong je......
    sama-sama kita berjuang demi kepentingan bangsa melayu dan agama islam.Tegakkan hukum Islam..Itu jihad yang sebenar.

  4. Ya ALLAH...

    bila dah beraksi Aflah ni, tak terkejar kite... hehehe!

    pasal shahrizat ni, biaq pi kat dia lah, xkan ade orang ikut dia punyer...

    p/s : good to hav u back in action sis!

  5. oh ................................................................................................................................................................................... ya ka! that is not jihad.. its just a statement from a one person... ai ya...dont worry...only one person statement...cant do harm...dont be so emotional... if u cant tahan of her statement. my suggestion....go find a needle poke to your eye...find some cements paste to your ears...ha ... solve your problem.... i do that to my self....dont headache about it... dont be square head ... hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm i think so... maybe datuk bergurau n bermanja with everybody. only her words not her heart ....she is penyayang.

    cool every body cool!. if you feels heat . just take a break n a little rest at any hospital mortuary ... maybe the serenity n coolness of the mortuary relief your anger just imagine that u n the dead together holding hand by hand seating by the lake enjoying the cool breeze ...... or just chit chat with our frind in happy hospital...they can inspire u and motivates u a lot.

    bye...................... any way

  6. Assalamualaikum,

    1. She'd better consult her Imam Hadhari on the true meaning of Jihad, that is ofcourse if the Imam Hadhari's opinion is worth anything at all.

    2. These sort of people bring shame and confusion in Islam for just simply interpreting matters into their own hands for their own advantage.

  7. aiyaaaa....imam hadhari ka! ok lo... i check to my imam lo.... imam prayer for the dead can ka. . ? to many imam lo...selangor got many imam...ma... many kampung many imam... ayah pin, can i consult to him.... may be he present to me that big kettle.... so we can kenduri teh talik lo...kak aflah can join ma.... soli eveli body.... i only want things cool..no joke no fun.. no "happy happy" no son...

    fasting month coming soon....u want to cotooks ....cotooks now, kow kow....fasting cannot ma!.... u cotooks kow kow u get empty stomach.....

    ok lo bye bye.....

  8. Kak Shahrizat atau Juhi Chowla (Mat Sabu yg cakap)

    sebelum nak berjihad, pakai tudung elok2. jangan pakai macam benggali.

  9. Hello NA,
    Mengapa tak ada blog tentang forum majlis peguam malaysia yang dikacau bilaukan oleh mob-mob baru-baru ini.

    Let me paste star comment ini:
    Aug 31 is just two weeks away but it would be meaningless to celebrate yet another Merdeka Day, pretending not to see the alarming cracks, fissured along racial and religious lines.

    The fragility of our much touted national unity has been exposed, again, as shown by the ruckus at Saturday’s Bar Council forum, Conversion to Islam: Article 121(1A) of the Federal Constitution, Subashini & Shamala Revisited.

    What is not published is fact that the forum insults no one. It actually glorifies Islam in a way because it raises issues of a MINORITY of muslims converting away from Islam- a chance to show Islam is a free religion of the heart-that souls can FREELY choose to embrace or reject. The fact is millions embrace Islam everyday but only so few choose to leave so I don't see what exactly the mobs that turned up are concerned about.

  10. Kawan kawan semua,

    Sila baca article di sini:


    Religious moderation is important. Everybody who uses the word 'jihad' believes he knows the mind of God- which is an impossibility.

  11. There is NO way any members of umno plus all those fellas from bn to launch any jihad.
    As long as there is the ISA , NEP and the racist ketuanan policy are there.
    As those policies are clearly against their own religion.
    It is very "jahat" of her. very poisonous mind of her .Niat sharizat amat busuk .
    Another good example is our polis.
    The polis do not deserves the "allah" wording on their logo. Since "pigs/cops" and allah couldnt get along.
    Please do not degrade your own religion.


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