Kira-kira 50 wartawan tempatan dan luar negeri kecewa apabila sidang akhbar penganalisis politik, Abdul Razak Baginda, yang dijadualkan diadakan di sebuah hotel di ibunegara pagi ini dibatalkan.

Wartawan tersebut berkumpul di situ sejak jam 8 pagi. Sidang akhbar berkenaan dijadual bermula jam 9.30 pagi.

Apabila ditanya oleh wartawan, pihak pengurusan hotel bersebut berkata pihaknya dimaklumkan sidang akhbar tersebut telah ditunda.

Bagaimanapun mereka tidak tahun butiran lanjut mengenainya.

Pada 31 Oktober lalu, Mahkamah Tinggi Shah Alam membebaskan Abdul Razak daripada tuduhan bersubahat membunuh wanita Mongolia, Altantuya Shaariibuu.

Wartawan Malaysiakini yang menghubungi peguam Razak Baginda, K K Wong diberitahu bahawa sidang akhbar tersebut tidak akan diadakan hari ini.

Difahamkan, keputusan untuk membatalkan sidang akhbar tersebut dibuat malam tadi.

Sumber : Malaysiakini

Updated by The Malaysian Insider:

Political analyst Abdul Razak Baginda, recently acquitted of abetting in the murder of a Mongolian woman, failed to turn up this morning for a scheduled press conference, initially sparking speculation as to his whereabouts.

He was seen later at his house in the leafy Damansara Heights neighbourhood, but he did not come out to the gate to speak to reporters gathered there.

Members of the press who turned up at the swanky boutique Maya Hotel earlier today were told by reception that the press conference had been cancelled. No reasons were given.

Earlier this week, Abdul Razak had told reporters camped outside his residence that he would meet them at the hotel this morning for an extensive question-and-answer session.

His acquittal last week in the murder trial of his former lover Altantuya Shaariibuu has given rise to a host of questions because of the sensational nature of the case.

The affable political analyst's close ties as a confidant of Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak also sparked wild rumours and speculation.

Najib was even forced to swear that he had never met Altantuya and was not involved in the case.

If Abdul Razak does not make a public appearance soon to answer many lingering questions about the case, it will probably add grist to the rumour mill.

So far he has remained in the country, unlike his private investigator P. Balasubramaniam.

Balasubramaniam, the private investigator hired by Abdul Razak to help him deal with an alleged bid by Altantuya to blackmail him for money over their love affair, fled Malaysia after making a series of statutory declarations which first appeared to implicate Najib, and then clear the DPM subsequently.

The no-show by Abdul Razak today will certainly add to the intrigue, twist and turns and sensational nature of the trial.

Rowena Razak, 21, the daughter of Abdul Razak, spoke to reporters briefly outside their house and apologised for her father's absence.

"There is much re-adjustment that my father has to do. He is still adjusting to life as a free man after being in prison for close to two years.

"He is also concerned with his health and as such he will be staying on in Malaysia for the coming weeks," she said.

Rowena appeared to suggest her father was planning an overseas trip soon but she did not give any direct explanation as to why he did not turn up for the press conference which he had called himself.

After she spoke to reporters, Abdul Razak and his wife Mazlinda Makhzan were seen driving out of the house in a silver Mercedes car. They were followed behind by their daughter and her grandmother who left in a Volvo SUV.

Through the gates, reporters could see that a tent had been set up with tables and chairs brought in. Rowena told reporters that a kenduri would be held tonight to mark her father's acquittal.

Malaysians were shocked by the gruesome discovery in late 2006 of what remained of Altantuya in a remote forest area just outside the city.

She was found to have been blown into pieces with military grade C4 explosives strapped to her body. Abdul Razak was arrested subsequently and later charged with abetting in her murder. Two policemen, Chief Insp Azilah Hadri and Cpl Sirul Azhar Umar, remain on trial for her murder.

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